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iTrace User Case Studies

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While we could go on about the unparalleled value that the iTrace can bring to your practice, we want to highlight some the ways some of your colleagues have adopted it into theirs — and what better a way to do that then to let you read their stories!

It’s no accident that iTrace has disciples all over the world. Here, we break some iTrace users’ experiences down and show you how they used this device in their practice to improve their ability to diagnose vision issues, add precision to surgeries, and improve outcomes to produce more satisfied patients. See our growing collection of case studies below and reach out when you’re ready for a demo!

Case Studies

Dr. Ed Hu headshot of Tracey Technologies
Dr. Hu

“How the iTrace Helps My Decision-Making — Especially with New Technology IOLs”

Dr. Ed Hu, a distinguished cataract specialist at his clinic in Iowa, incorporates the innovative iTrace system into his pre-operative consultations. The iTrace’s range of features helps him succeed with the latest technology IOLs and collaborate with his patients to help them achieve the best surgical outcomes.

Dr. Ondrias of Tracey Technologies headshot

Dr. Garg

“How the iTrace Transforms Results for My Patients”

Yogender Garg, MD, is a high-volume cataract surgeon in Oxnard, CA, who converts an average of 40% of his patients to refractive “premium” lenses to help them see as clearly as possible after surgery without the help of corrective eyewear.

Dr. Dee Stephenson headshot
Drs. Waring and Mac

“iTrace Prime Helps Surgeons Make Better Decisions, Achieve Better Outcomes”

Dr. George Waring and Dr. Ivan Mac were early adopters of iTrace Prime, the exciting 7th-Gen update for the iTrace. Click to read why they think the iTrace continues to be a critical tool for surgical planning and delivering the best outcomes possible for patients.

Dr. Dee Stephenson headshot
Cory Pickett

“How Wavefront Technology Helps Pre-Surgical Decision Making and Patient Education”

Cory J. Pickett, BSN, RN, COA, is a family nurse practitioner and the director of refractive surgery for Rush Eye Associates in Amarillo, TX. Cory and his team use the iTrace to aid in decision making and patient education prior to cornea- and lens-based…

Dr. Ondrias of Tracey Technologies headshot
Dr. Ondrias

“How the iTrace ‘Reinvents the Exam’ in My Practice”

Her role as a primary administrator at one of the nation’s largest private practices means she’s involved in many of the decisions that affect the day-to-day for the 40+ doctors employed there — including the practice’s adoption of the iTrace. We had a chance to catch up with…

Parag A. Majmudar, MD headshot

Dr. Majmudar

“Why the Itrace is an Essential Tool in My Practice”

Dr. Majmudar is a high-volume cataract and refractive surgeon who relies on the enhanced level of information provided by the iTrace to help him plan nearly every aspect of the procedures he performs. According to him, more people are unhappy with their vision than many doctors…

Dr. Jesse McKey headshot
Dr. McKey

“How I Improve Care
with the iTrace”

Dr. McKey takes special care to focus on providing a premium experience for his patients. To accomplish this, he needs access to top-of-the-line equipment that can help him understand more about his patients’ vision during pre-op analysis and planning and use that information to…

Dr. Mitchell Shultz headshot
Dr. Schultz

“How the iTrace
Makes My Life Easier”

Dr. Shultz is an accomplished refractive and cataract surgeon practicing at Shultz Chang Vision in Northridge, CA, a suburb of Los Angeles. When he and his colleagues were looking for a tool that enabled them to take a step forward in patient care, they chose the iTrace and never looked back.

Dr. Inder Paul Singh headshot
Dr. Singh

“How iTrace Helps Me Improve Patient Care”

The wellbeing of a patient is the focal point and lifeblood of any practice. That’s why renowned ophthalmologists like Dr. Inder Paul Singh invest in equipment — like the iTrace — that allows them to provide the best possible visual outcomes. Click to read more about the difference the…

Dr. Dee Stephenson headshot
Dr. Stephenson

“Why the iTrace is My Practice MVP”

Experienced ophthalmologist, Dr. Dee Stephenson, of Stephenson Eye Associates in Sarasota, Florida calls the iTrace the MVP of her practice. Everything in the iTrace combines to create the best possible experience for her patients. Click to find out how the iTrace has been one of the…


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