With new dry eye features and upgraded displays that provide more information in one place, iTrace Version 7.0 — iTrace Prime — is changing expectations for doctors and surgeons around the world! Click to learn more about what this exciting new upgrade can add to your practice!

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Introducing: iTrace Prime

The release of iTrace Version 7 delivers key new features and displays that make it even easier to base your clinical decisions on the most complete set of information possible!

The iTrace Is a Modern Practice MVP

Doctors and surgeons have relied on the iTrace for years to be able to understand their patients’ quality of vision, base treatment decisions on the best information, use precise measurements as guidance on which IOLs are the best fit for a specific patient, and more. Using proprietary Ray Tracing visual analysis, the iTrace already gives practitioners a more accurate set of information than any other device on the market. The latest update to Version 7.0 — iTrace Prime — broadens the impact the device can make for the modern practitioner on their ability to produce the best possible outcomes for their patients.

Tracey Technologies iTrace Prime

Previous software releases have introduced features that have enhanced efficiency, precision, and confidence for iTrace users, including…

– The Dysfunctional Lens Index (DLI™), assisting doctors in understanding the best time to perform a lens replacement procedure.

– The Toric Planner and Toric Check displays, adding precision and efficiency to pre-operative planning and post-operative review.

What’s New in iTrace Prime?

iTrace Prime extends the effectiveness of existing features with improvements to imaging quality and the wavefront capture process, improved navigation between displays, batch saving and printing, improvements to Toric Planner customization, and more! The most exciting developments included in iTrace Prime are two new and improved displays that offer even more information in a single, quick scan than ever before!
The iTrace Prime Tear Film Index display

Tear Film Index (TFI)

iTrace Prime includes a proprietary algorithm that provides a precise, real-time analysis of a patient’s ocular surface tear film. Recording the surface of the eye for up to 12 seconds after a blink, the iTrace measures the sharpness, shape, and continuity of Placido ring images as the tear film evaporates.

The algorithm then generates a number on a 0-10 scale called the Tear Film Index (TFI), providing a clear view of the way the state of the ocular surface affects a patient’s quality of vision.

Prime Dashboard

The iTrace has always been an indispensable tool for doctors, both in providing reliable data on which to base surgical decisions and an easy way to educate patients on their vision. iTrace Prime’s new Prime Dashboard ties it all together in a new way.

Adding the Corneal Performance Index (CPI™) and the Quality of Vision Index (QVI™) to the Dysfunctional Lens Index (DLI), iTrace Prime is able to separate out corneal performance from internal optical performance, represent both numerically on 0-10 scales, and combine them to produce a 0-10 metric that accurately assesses quality of vision from the entire eye.

The iTrace Prime dashboard display

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