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Tracey Technologies Sales Managers

Tracey Technologies is proud to have a dedicated sales team serving our customers in every corner of the globe. Below, you can learn about their backgrounds and how to contact your nearest Tracey representative.
Nearest Tracey Technologies Sales Representative

Ray Sievert

Exec. VP, Sales & Marketing | Houston, Texas | Global

Ray Sievert brings to Tracey customers over 35 years of experience in ophthalmic sales and sales management. Throughout his career, he has served in leadership roles with a number of organizations and become known as an expert in the ophthalmic technology space. On behalf of Tracey, Mr. Sievert has given lectures around the world to ophthalmologists on the benefits of the iTrace device and is seen as a subject matter expert on aberropia and Ray Tracing. In his role supporting the sales team, he provides additional coverage to all territories, helping doctors worldwide in their adoption of our best-in-class technology.

Nearest Tracey Technologies Sales Representative

Karel Fabry

Director, International Sales | Hasselt, Belgium | Europe, Russia, Southern Africa, Canada

Karel Fabry sold his first iTrace in 2003 as a distributor and joined the Tracey Team managing sales in the European and Canadian regions in 2008. Karel is responsible for developing an extensive and successful distributor network across these regions, and at the same time selling directly in countries without distributor support. He has supported these regions with clinical training and product service as one of the foremost iTrace experts in the world, teaching countless surgeons and their staff.

Earlier in his career, Karel worked for WaveLight and Gebauer, travelling the globe and developing key relationships with top ophthalmic surgeons before becoming an integral part of Tracey Technologies. Karel holds a Master’s degree in Business Economics with a major in Human Resources Management.

Nearest Tracey Technologies Sales Representative

Alisa Brill

VP, United States Sales & Practice Development | Charleston, South Carolina | United States

Alisa Brill’s experience includes over three decades of success in various leadership roles in the ophthalmic industry, as an administrator and then as a practice consultant for over 13 years, and this experience makes her uniquely qualified to support practices in achieving their growth goals. Alisa leads a group of seasoned sales and customer support professionals covering the U.S. market. Alisa and her team are a complimentary resource for practice development ideas and strategies helping practices develop new consultation workflows using the iTrace to increase premium IOL conversions.

Nearest Tracey Technologies Sales Representative

Steven Payan

Area Manager, Latin & South America | Houston, Texas and Bogota, Colombia | Central America, South America, Caribbean

Steven Payan came to Tracey Technologies in 2017 after earning a Biomedical Engineering degree with a concentration in Biophotonics and Biomedical Imaging from the University of Texas at San Antonio. Prior to joining Team Tracey, Steven earned an Internship in Medical Device Product Management at B. Braun in Melsungen, Germany, working with Pain Therapy and MRI technologies. Steven also spent time as a Clinical Intern at the Imbanaco Medical Center in Cali, Columbia.

Nearest Tracey Technologies Sales Representative

Parminder Singh

Area Manager, India | New Delhi, India | India

Parminder Singh has been on the Tracey Team since October of 2012. His background includes a graduate degree from Delhi University and a diploma in Electronics from SGTBIE Institute — Delhi.

Prior to joining Tracey, Parminder worked with Bausch + Lomb for four years as Service Manager, covering all of India. He also worked for Geuder for two years as Sales & Application Technical Consultant, at AMO for four years as Regional Application & Service Manager, and Medex India for six years handling various OR/OT equipment as an Application & Service Manager. Additionally, he worked for IEMCO for two years with physiotherapy and rehabilitation equipment, where he handled manufacturing, sales, application, and electronic circuit design.

Nearest Tracey Technologies Sales Representative

Youssef Alwan

Area Manager, Middle East |
Beirut, Lebanon | Beirut, Lebanon

Youssef Alwan joined Tracey Technologies in September 2019 to develop the Middle East market. In just a year and a half, he added new distributors and customers to our expanding base in the Middle East.

Prior to becoming a Tracey team member, Youssef developed the Middle East market for STAAR Surgical, primarily for the Implantable Collamer Lens range of phakic IOLs over the period of 10 years, growing their sales from 500 implants to 10000 implants per year. In addition, he developed the ophthalmic line of business in Medicals International in the UAE, Gulf Countries, and Saudi Arabia from scratch over the period of 8 years. Youssef attended the American University of Beirut in Lebanon where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Biology in 1995 and a Bachelor of Engineering in Agriculture in 1997.

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