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Our unique, 5-in-1 device displays the full visual function of a patient’s eye with a simple scan. While the iTrace can certainly be used as a standalone wavefront aberrometer, autorefractor, keratometer, pupillometer, or corneal topographer, leveraging the combined picture of these individual measurements in your office can improve surgical outcomes and patient satisfaction.

The iTrace’s patented ray-tracing technology makes it the only piece of ophthalmic equipment on the market that can truly separate the visual function of a patient’s cornea from their internal optics. Physicians using the iTrace have a better understanding of how the structures affect a patient’s vision and they can use this additional information to make more precise decisions about treatment.


“I use my iTrace to help me determine the cause of the patient’s symptoms. I do a lot of second-opinions – patients that have had previous refractive surgery, IOL surgery, and they aren’t happy with their vision. And the iTrace makes it extremely easy for me to determine where the problem might be located.”


The iTrace was developed to support physicians with the ophthalmic diagnosis and subsequent surgical correction of vision. We provide practitioners with the tools they need to deliver superior patient outcomes.

Laptop displaying Dysfunctional Lens Index

THE itrace prime Dashboard

iTrace Premium IOL Conversions
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We started with a device that uses 256 unique points of light to gather the most accurate measurements of lenticular and corneal aberrations. Since then, we’ve built on our core technology to create displays in which users can objectively see through the eyes of a patient. The possibilities for vision analysis with the iTrace are as endless as our commitment to innovation. Once you own an iTrace, you can simply upgrade your software to get access to the latest advancements.


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At Tracey, we firmly believe that quality of vision is synonymous with quality of life. That’s why we’ve committed ourselves to developing and producing technology that enables you to deliver exceptional patient results. But our dedication to your success doesn’t end with technology. By assembling a group with collective experience in all aspects of practice management, we created a Practice Development Team to support ophthalmic physicians in every aspect of practice growth. The way we see it, the more patients that walk through your door, the more patients have an opportunity to attain their best possible vision.

We look forward to giving you an inside look at how the iTrace works. Simply fill in your preferred contact information and a member of the Tracey team will reach out to schedule your demo.

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We look forward to giving you an inside look at how the iTrace works. Simply fill in your preferred contact information and a member of the Tracey Technologies team will reach out with more information about the iTrace!