With new dry eye features and upgraded displays that provide more information in one place, iTrace Version 7.0 — iTrace Prime — is changing expectations for doctors and surgeons around the world! Click to learn more about what this exciting new upgrade can add to your practice!

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The iTrace Prime Dashboard

iTrace Dysfunctional Lens Index Apparatus from Tracey Technologies

Better Information, Better Decisions

Using proprietary Ray Tracing technology, the iTrace sends 256 rays of light into the eye and objectively measures how a person sees. It’s the only device on the market that can recreate the exact path that light takes through the eye, meaning that an iTrace scan is the only truly accurate way for doctors to objectively measure their patients’ quality of vision.

The iTrace Prime Dashboard is the latest step forward in our commitment to unmatched innovation. Using proprietary algorithms and data derived from a single, quick iTrace scan, the measured information helps doctors understand their patients’ vision — and easily educate patients — in a whole new way, making the iTrace an essential tool for any practice.

What Is the iTrace Prime Dashboard?

Tracey’s patented Dysfunctional Lens Index (DLI)changed the game for practitioners looking to identify the source of their patients’ vision issues and track lens degradation over time. Included in iTrace Version 7.0, the Prime Dashboard now takes this unique benefit and extends it to the whole eye.

Now, you can quantify vision loss in the lens with the DLI, plus the cornea with the new Corneal Performance Index (CPI), and then add those two parts of a whole to view the new total eye Quality of Vision Index (QVI). All three metrics are important parts of understanding how to get the best outcomes for your patients — and the product of algorithms unique to the iTrace.

The display is so valuable for the clinician and it’s a huge educational tool that I can pull up on my computer in the exam room and go through the device interactively with the patient. They take one look at the screen and say, ‘wow this is exactly what I’m seeing.’”

-Parag Majmudar, MD

iTrace Dysfunctional Lens Patient Display

What Does the Prime Dashboard Do?

Here are some of the things you’ll be able to do with iTrace Prime in your practice:

  • View a simple, visual display of the comparison between the performance of the lens and the cornea — and the combined optics of both.
  • Provide patient-specific vision education that they can easily understand and retain.
  • Make more informed decisions about surgery or treatment plans.
  • Help patients quickly understand their vision correction options.
  • Show patients the value in choosing premium IOLs, generating more practice revenue while increasing patient satisfaction.
  • Optometrists can make better decisions about when to refer patients out for surgery and have the proper tools for co-management.
    iTrace Prime dashboard display logo
    Blurry Letter E Display

    A simulated representation of the patient’s subjective corneal vision, isolated from the lens. This shows how well a patient would see if they had perfect internal vision.

    Dysfunctional Lens Index

    A quantified assessment of a patient’s corneal vision that can be recorded over time to track the progression of corneal vision loss.

    Blurry Letter E Display

    A simulated representation of the patient’s subjective lenticular vision. This shows how well a patient would see if they had perfect corneal vision.

    Dysfunctional Lens Index

    A quantified assessment of a patient’s internal vision that can be recorded over to track the progress of vision loss from the lens.

    Blurry Letter E Display

    A simulated representation of total vision that factors in both corneal and internal quality of vision. This shows how a patient sees normally without correction.

    Dysfunctional Lens Index

    A quantified assessment of a patient’s total quality of vision that combines corneal and internal optics to grade the optics of the total eye.

    Total Eye Opacity Display

    Axial CT map with semi-meridian and ring-based average keratometry data, used in IOL power calculations.

    Tracey Refraction Display

    The iTrace’s new all-in-one surgical dashboard, putting key measurements like refractive data, ultra-precise wavefront Ks, corneal topography outputs, tear film analysis, opacity grade, Angles Kappa and Alpha, corneal HOAs, and more — all on a single display.

    The Real Value of the Prime Dashboard

    What vision mysteries? The iTrace Prime Dashboard ensures that if a patient isn’t satisfied with their vision, the DLI, CPI, and QVI combine to help understand the issues before reviewing treatment options. Since iTrace displays can be pulled up on any computer or tablet during or after the scan, you can make sure your patient understands their vision fully and then efficiently move on to a conversation about the best course of action.

    If a lens-based procedure is the chosen form of vision correction, you can use the convenient Toric Toggle (by clicking the eyeglasses icon) to show your patient what their vision will look like with and without an astigmatic IOL, helping explain your recommendations and set appropriate expectations for post-operative quality of vision.

    Eye doctor and patient discussing results of iTrace testing

    An All-in-One Surgical Display

    The Prime Dashboard makes the iTrace the first tool on the market to provide unmatched visual analysis while also offering surgeons the data they need to make the right decisions when surgery is necessary to improve or correct a patient’s vision — all in a single display.

    Providing critical data, including highly accurate Wavefront-Ks, corneal topography data, refractive power and more, the Prime Dashboard adds efficiency to every pre-op exam and makes it easier to provide the best possible outcomes from surgery.

    Learn more about how the iTrace Prime Dashboard drives better patient outcomes and more revenue for your practice, by scheduling a demo.

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