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Software Activation Request

The software activation process will unlock the features of your iTrace software. To receive your unlock code, please complete and submit the form below. We will respond within 24 hours, but usually in under two hours. If you prefer, you can call us (+1.281.445.1666 or 877.TRACEY3) to schedule a time in which we can assist you.

Please input ALL information requested below. The Hardware ID code is shown when you click on the “Keys” icon on the first screen of the iTrace software. The Software Version number is available on the bottom left corner of the iTrace screen. The 4 digit iTrace serial number can be found on the iTrace head, technician’s side next to “SN” on the label.

  • as found on the bottom left corner of the software screen:
    Tracey Technologies
  • as found on iTrace DAU near USB input port:
    Tracey Technologies