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We want you to hit the ground running when you start using the iTrace in your practice. This one-of-a-kind tool can help you make critical decisions easier, select the optimal IOL for every patient, and provide the best outcomes — even under the most uncommon circumstances. Because there are so many ways the iTrace can make an impact in your practice, we’ve put together a complete knowledge base to help you understand how the iTrace can make a difference before, during, and after surgery!

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Moones Abdalla

“It doesn’t only measure the breakup time of a cataract it even measures the things that happen before that, like the changes in the lipid layer or the irregularities in the tear film that are starting before the breakup happens. So I think it’s a very important addition to the system.”

Mark Blecher

“The iTrace gives me everything I need. It gives me tremendous wavefront data, it gives me great placido disk images to look at the quality of my scans, and the Tracey Refraction is probably the most accurate auto-refraction I have available to me.”

John Bolger

“I think that anyone who’s doing Toric IOLs really must have one of these. Because post-operatively, more particularly, it’ll tell you where the lens is sitting and it’ll tell you if you need to go back and rotate it. I’m amazed at how accurate it is.”

Alan Faulkner

“Aloha from Hawaii! We love our iTrace. My favorite thing about it is the IOL rotation calculator. I can see if my IOLs are off, and if I rotate them, what they’ll do for me. Invaluable. Thank you!”

Tracey Swartz

“I use my iTrace to help me determine the cause of the patient’s symptoms. I do a lot of second-opinions – patients that have had previous refractive surgery, IOL surgery, and they aren’t happy with their vision. And the iTrace makes it extremely easy for me to determine where the problem might be located.”

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